My name is Paul Silva.

I’ve become aware of a need in our community that I want to help people meet by working together.

I’m asking everyone I know, and everyone my friends know, to consider becoming at least slightly involved in making this a better place to live. I’m not looking for checks, just a minor involvement.

I don’t have the time, money or expertise to take this to the point of being a non-profit. This is strictly a grassroots movement with no corporate funding. Sounds crazy?

What if you only have volunteers and no budget to commit to, just each person paying their own expenses on whatever volunteer activity they want to provide can do it.

So what is the problem we are working together to reduce?

Isolation and Helplessness

Experienced by those with an incomplete support system.

Maybe the best way to make sense of this is to tell it story-fashion. It is my personal story, so I am being transparent with you.

I was sitting at home; basically waiting to go to the hospital the next day and my daughter pulls up in the driveway and starts raking my leaves. At night! With a flashlight on her hat, until after 1AM.

I have a support system.

When I got to the hospital, I had visitors. Because I have a support system. The guy in the bed next to me had none.

When we were forced to downsize (by medical bills), a friend helped us get moved into a trailer. Because my wife and I have a support system. The guys at our church pitched in and built us a nice deck. This made a huge difference in our quality of living.

It’s all because we have a functional support system of both family and friends.

Many people living in our community do not have the blessing of being surrounded, or even minimally exposed, to anyone helping them.

Why is this? 

Our culture is so obsessed with getting as much out of our lives for ourselves that we over schedule ourselves to where we think we need no longer any time for others.

The breakdown and high mobility of family makes it worse. Many elders have adult children who would help, but they live in California or somewhere distant.

It is very common for people who are feeling helpless to isolate themselves. So we really have two challenges to reducing this unnecessary suffering. Finding the people who need help, and finding people to help them.

The good news is that you don’t need to do both. Some people are natural “connectors” and find people of need with no effort. If that’s all they do, Great!

Others are gifted with their hands but don’t want to be involved in running anything. And  of course there are others who are just the opposite of that.. No matter what your personality makes come easily, just do that. Leave all the other stuff to someone else who has that other talent as their “zone.”

Imagine the satisfaction you’ll feel in becoming more “Others-directed”.

Now add to that the fulfillment provided by spending more time doing what you are best at, which means doing less of what frustrates you.

This is a lot like getting a rescue dog whose love brings a whole new joy to your life.

Why Grassroots? 

This project is not a formal charity for many reasons. We have all become skeptical of charities with their constant funding raising. We can’t help but wonder how much their executives are getting paid. We see all the money being spent on direct mail. Sure, it must work or they wouldn’t do it. But we can’t escape knowing that the money is going to the Post Office, and not to the people who really need it.

The solution is to not have a formal structure with all kinds of expenses. The guys who drove out to my place to put on my deck didn’t submit a gas voucher to some not-for-profit accountant with a hefty salary. They just figured it was part of their cost of living a giving life.

Tax deductions for the mileage won’t be available this way. But let’s face it, who really takes the time to claim pennies per mile when trying to do their taxes? We are not asking for money, so the whole tax-deductible question kind of goes away.

This letter is just to let you know this opportunity is available. You no doubt have some questions. Get them answered before you quit thinking about it.

Just leave a comment at … 

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Thanks for your time, and open mindedness. We really do hope to hear from you.